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Transforming Extreme Behaviour

Presented by: Dr Mike Waters

Date: 2nd December 2016

Time: 9.45am – 3.45pm

Cost: First place £105 Second Place £75

Includes: Lunch & Refreshments

Target Audience: Headteachers, other school leaders, pastoral leaders, teachers, support staff and others involved in working with very challenging children.

Course Outline:

This course does exactly what it says on the tin! If you are at your wits end about what to do with a particular child, or want more ideas to improve their behaviour, then this day is a must for you. It will give you very powerful insights into troubling pupils together with the tools, techniques and strategies to cope with and help them.

If you are working with any of the following, this day will be entirely relevant to you, whatever the age group involved:

Pupils who can’t concentrate for more than a few minutes (or seconds!).

• Impulsive pupils who are easily triggered into angry outburst.

• Pupils who bite, kick, scream etc.

• Pupils with unusual or bizarre behaviours.

• Pupils who show no remorse for doing bad things.

• Pupils who avoid doing almost anything you ask them to.

• Pupils who can’t or won’t form relationships. •

Pupils who trouble you for other reasons.

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